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    hey girl are u from china because im china get the hell away from you

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    So my friend was talking about the Chanukah episode of Rugrats today… so I decided to watch it.

    I saw this, and decided to look up what מוהל meant.

    It’s a circumcizer… someone who performs circumcisions… and apparently this one offers them at a “cut rate”…..


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  10. Anonymous said: Hip-Hop is the worst nothing but curse language country music is 100000x better


    I’m honestly thinking this is a troll, but if it’s not:

    " … nothing but curse language …" Really?

    "It’s a numbers game, but shit don’t add up somehow
    Like I got, 16 to 32 bars to rock it
    But only 15% of profits ever see my pockets like
    69 billion in the last 20 years
    Spent on national defense but folks still live in fear like
    Nearly half of America’s largest cities is one-quarter black
    That’s why they gave Ricky Ross all the crack
    16 ounces to a pound, 20 more to a ki
    A 5-minute sentence hearing and you’re no longer free …”
    Mos Def

    "A generation overly obsessed with mobsters
    Our revolutionaries won Grammys and Oscars
    Impostors, fake auras and weak chakras
    Makin’ a mockery of the music to be pop stars.”
    Pharoahe Monch

    "Individual stars float in the ocean of God
    Rocking a pinky ring of Saturn while I’m visiting Mars
    Egos bigger than Jupiter are breaking the bars
    Holding me back down to Earth to physical laws.”
    Cise Starr

    "She said, she never fell in love with a Superman,
    Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran
    I told her that being a mortal is the portal
    to the true nature of growth, the Christ-like Buddha-man.”
    - Jay Electronica

    "Somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars
    Instead they tell ‘em how to reach through the bars.”

    "Imagine life at it’s full peak
    Then imagine lying dead in the arms of your enemy
    Imagine peace on this Earth when there’s no grief
    Imagine grief on this Earth when there’s no peace.”

    As far as country music being a better genre than Hip-Hop …

    Music is, of course very subjective to our personal tastes, whether a genre is “better” is a pointless argument. However, to state in any way that Hip-Hop is inferior to country or any genre, which is the implication, is asinine. 

    There are more lyrics in one verse of a Hip-Hop song than an entire country song. The lyrics above demonstrate on their own the complexity of lyricism in Hip-Hop compared to that of other genres. It is an advanced form of poetry.

    Then compare the depth and innovation that goes into the production of Hip-Hop, and compare that to producing country music, and again, we find a far more intricate art in Hip-Hop.